When you build a home, you have so many decisions to make! It’s easy to forget about window treatments.


Even if you’re buying a pre-existing home, you don’t necessarily think about window treatments. They’re easy to overlook while you’re buying, but as soon as you move in, you’ll notice that you have one more decision to make!

If You’re Building a New Home


If you are building a new home we advise you to live in it for a while, to see how your new space fills and how the light hits it. This way you can get a good idea of what will work best.


We will come out to do an in-home consultation for you. You will meet with Tom, and he will talk to you about products, show you samples, and take measurements so that he can get started on a quote for you.


For Pre-Existing Homes


If you are moving into a pre-existing home, you will probably move in and realize that you want to replace or repair something, but you’re not sure what color it is, or who made it, or what to do.


How To Match The Style and Color


If your home has shades, you can look for a sticker on one of the corners. Shades usually have these, and they will give you the name of the manufacturer, the color, the style, and the name of the company the previous owners purchased it from. If you show us those stickers we will have all the information we need to replace or repair them for you.

Your Next Step


Whether you need to replace, repair, or buy new for your new or existing home, give us a call at Texas Shutters and Blinds!