Did you know that you can have shutters for your arch windows, too?


On our YouTube channel and Facebook page, we have a video that shows off what is becoming our most popular shutter.

The Tilt Bar

This shutter features a 4 ½-inch louver with a hidden tilt. The tilt bar is inside the shutters, making for a more open view when you open them.

2 Panels

When you have an arch at the top of your window, most shutters have a sunburst that sits in that arch section at the top. The shutters you see in our video have two panels and four sections, and the louvers go all the way up into the arch! They fully open and close in the arch.

Benefits of Having 2 Panels

This means that you still have access to the upper portion of the window because the arch tilts with the rest of the shutter.


With real big openings like this, we put a t-post in the center. The whole panel hinges on this solid piece to keep it more structurally stable.



When we install a shutter like this we also install a divider rail to hide the window sash, so you don’t see the window rods when you open the door. We paint everything to match the trim, and the result is a beautiful and functional shutter for your arch window!

Your Next Step

Check out the video to see for yourself! And give us a call at 972-548-6000 so that we can show you all the possibilities for window coverings in your home.