When you get custom-made shutters, they are truly custom made! We can make shutters to fit any window arch or shape.


Watch The Transformation


The best way to show you our custom shutters is to … show you. We have a great video up that gives you before and after shots of some shutters we recently installed.


How We Handle Window With Arches


This is a large window setting with three parts, and the center window is tall and arched at the top. We installed shutters in three pieces. All three shutters have wide louvers that can be opened or closed, but each shutter can also be opened like a door. A hidden tilt bar adds to the clean look. They bring a whole new feel to this master bedroom.

Do you have an arched window, or a window of a unique size? We can make fantastic shutters for it!


Tilt Bars


Speaking of the tilt bar, did you know that the tilt bar doesn’t really close your shutters? The tilt bar is built to support your shutters. When you use the bar to close your shutters, you might notice that some light still comes through. The shutters do not close all the way. This is not a problem—it’s simply the way tilt bars work. If you run your hand lightly over the shutters, they will close all the way and block more light.


Your Next Step


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