One of the most popular window treatments we provide is shutters. Some people call them plantation shutters, some just call them shutters.


Did you know that you have several options to choose from when you order shutters for your home?


1. Louver sizes.

You can choose narrower (3.5 inches) or wider (4.5 inches) louvers, depending on the look you want.


2. Tilt type.

We offer a standard center tilt bar or a hidden tilt bar. Hidden bars are on the back of the shutter towards the window. It’s very thin and is painted to match the louvers so that it blends in.


3. Dividers.

You have two options for dividing your shutters so that the top and bottom sections tilt separately. The first option is a divider rail. A divider rail uses a solid connector between the top and bottom sections that we line up over your window sash. That way when you have all of your louvers open, your window sash, with the locks, is still hidden.


Your other option is a split tilt. A split tilt will also allow you to tilt each part of your window separately, but without the solid connector in between. We line the louvers up so that your window sash is still hidden.


A split tilt is not an option for windows over 7 feet tall, for structural reasons. For tall windows, you must choose a solid divider rail.

Your Next Step

The best part is—none of these options affect pricing! You can choose the options that are best for your home, and the pricing will stay the same. The only options that affect pricing are stained finishes and specialty shapes, such as curves.


Let us show you how shutters can transform the look of your home!