If you have many windows with shades, or if you have tall windows with shades, have we got the technology for you!


How They Work

Our customers love our motorized shades. These are powered by AA batteries and a hand-held remote. Each shade is programmed into a different channel on your remote so that you can move it individually.

You Can Raise and Lower Them

It’s so easy to raise and lower your shades! Choose which shade you want to move, and then hit the down or up button. You can stop the shade at any point along the way.

If you hit Channel 0 on your remote you can operate all your shades in unison! One touch of a button raises or lowers them all at once, and to the same height. If they do not come down perfectly level in unison, you can go to the individual channels to make adjustments to each shade.

Your Next Step

Are you looking for the perfect window treatments for your home? Give us a call, and we’ll show you all the possibilities!