Outdoor living spaces are the latest craze. We’ve seen all kinds of fantastic patios with outdoor kitchens, or just great spaces to hang out.


Of course, since we live in Texas, we also want to keep these spaces comfortable. How can you have both outdoor living and comfort? It’s easier than you might think.

Keep Your Patio Cool In The Summer

One of our most popular products is a screen that mounts on the outside of your outdoor living space. Once it gets hot in the summer you can lower these screens, and keep your patio cool! When the blinds are closed, they completely seal off your patio.

3 Benefits of Outdoor Screens

These blinds do 3 things for your patio: they cut the glare from the sun, they help you to control the temperature, and they keep out the bugs! These blinds also work great in the wintertime. You can lower them and add a space heater, and have a cozy time in your outdoor living area.

Different Types of Screens

We offer these screens in different opacities. You can choose anything from a screen that is only 3% see-through, to a simple bug screen that lets in all the light but none of the bugs.

Your Next Step

We are selling a lot of these! They take 10-12 weeks to come in, so if you would like to spruce up your patio for this spring or summer, now is the time to order! Give us a call at 972-548-6000, we’d love to show you all the possibilities for keeping your outdoor living space comfortable and usable all year round!