Today is “Fixing Your Shutters 101!”

Let’s say you come home from work after a long day, and your kids are running around the house. You notice a shutter louver hanging loose, out of place.

The Pin

When something hits the louver, like a ball or a flailing child, the pin that holds it in place may break. These pins are designed so that they will break rather than let the louver crack. Once that pin breaks, the louvers hang out of the frame. We have an easy fix for this!

Replacing The Pin

First, call us and have us send you a replacement pin. These are small and spring-loaded. Once you have the pin, open your shutter. Remove the screw that holds the louver in place. If your louver is cracked, you can remove the whole thing and order a replacement. If it’s not cracked, look for a piece of the broken pin in the louver, and another piece in the shutter frame. Pull both pieces out and throw them away.

The New Pin

Put the new spring-loaded pin into the hole in the shutter frame. Then put the louver back in place. Press the pin down, and hold the hole of the louver against it until you hear a “pop” as it snaps into place.

Now put the screw back in the frame. You’re good to go!

Your Next Step

If you have any questions about repairing or maintaining your shutters, give us a call at 972-548-6000.