Straight windows, half-circle windows, curved windows—whatever kind of windows you have, we can fit them with shutters!

What Are Eyebrow Shutters?

One really nice look for windows is to fit them with eyebrow shutters. Eyebrow shutters are perfect for a window that has a soft arch but is not a true half-circle. The curved eyebrow part is not a solid piece but is a louver that will tilt along with the rest of the shutters. It is custom-built to fit the window opening.

The Tilt Bar

We show you exactly what this looks like in a video on our Facebook page and YouTube channel. Our eyebrow shutter in the video has 4½-inch shutter louvers with a hidden tilt. The tilt bar is on the backside of the shutters, painted to match so that it’s difficult to see. It’s not invisible, but it is hidden. To open or close the louvers, you grab a single louver, tilt it, and the entire rest of the section tilts along with it.

Split Tilt

These shutters also have a split tilt. We’ve installed two different tilt bars so that you have two different sections of tilt on the same shutter.

If you’ve seen older-style shutters, they have a divider rail lined up in front of the window sash and locks to hide them when you have all of your louvers open. With the split tilt, we can place the bottom section high enough to cover where a divider rail would be. This way you can get the benefit of the open upper louvers without seeing the window sash and locks.

Your Next Step

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