Are you interested in shades for your home, but not sure what you want?

We offer several different types of shades, each with different options to fit whatever your home needs.

1. Woven Wood Shades.


Woven wood shades give an interesting touch to any room with natural textures. You can choose just the shade material by itself, but most of them are somewhat see-through. For better privacy, we can add a light-filtering liner or a room-darkening liner to the back of the shades. The light-filtering liner lets light through but maintains your privacy. The room-darkening liner cuts down on light from outside, although not enough to be a blackout product. Light-darkening shades are fantastic for bedrooms and media rooms.

2. Honeycomb Shades.


Honeycomb shades are composed of cells, like a honeycomb. These shades give you multiple layers which makes them better insulators. If you have an older home with old windows, honeycomb shades are a fantastic choice.

3. Roller Shades.


Our roller shades are trendy—especially our motorized options. You can raise and lower your shades with just the touch of a button!

If you don’t want motorized shades, we also offer a cordless option. These are unlike the old cordless shades you pulled down on to make them flip up onto the roller. These are weighted. There is no clutch that you have to catch in a certain position. You simply move the shade to where you want it, and it stays!

Roller shades come in all types of fabrics and 50 different fabric color combinations. You can choose from light-filtering options that allow you to customize the amount of light that comes through the shades without sacrificing privacy. Or, like our woven wood shades, our roller shades also have room-darkening options.


Your Next Step

The possibilities are almost endless! We can help you choose the perfect type of shade with the perfect material to fit your needs and decor.