Custom Shutters

Texas Shutters & Blinds is the local company to choose to get the results you want for shutters. We have been in the North Dallas area since 2003 and will be here when you need us. We have been providing local homeowners and commercial properties with window coverings that have vastly enhanced the appearance, value, and atmosphere of the home or commercial property.

Offering Modern & Classic Plantation Shutters

If you are going to invest your time, effort, and money into picking the right window covering, make sure the product is something you can live with for years to come. Our entire goal is to show you the options you have and then ensure that you get the quality workmanship required to complete the job at a reasonable price.

When weighing your options for various window coverings, shutters are just one of many choices out there. Each has its own unique set of benefits. Here are just some of the reasons that make wood shutters a top choice:

  • Our shutters are custom crafted from sturdy Basswood, with each piece precisely measured, constructed and hand-finished solely for your home. Our shutters are an added enhancement to your home.
  • Shutters are certainly one of the most classic looks around. However, by classic that does not mean lacking the ability to also look modern.
  • Wood shutters complement various styles of personalities. You can choose your design styles, colors, and you can also mix and match the styles of each of your rooms individually. Wood shutters are timeless, and you will never get tired of the look.
  • Shutters are an added measure of insulation, which means that you can begin to see savings on your monthly utility bills. Plus, this means that your home will be more green and easier to keep at more comfortable temperatures. Your home will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Wood shutters allow for custom paint options if desired. We can even match Sherwin Williams colors. You can also choose from various louver sizes ranging from 2 ½, 3 ½ and 4 ½ inches.
  • Shutters are long-lasting more than any other window covering. With expert construction and hard-wearing material, shutters can be a part of your windows for the lifetime of your home.
  • Shutters are affordable, and we give you the best estimate the first time.
  • Shutters are probably the most diverse when it comes to being able to adjust light control. While shades and blinds may only have the options to be opened or closed, shutters enable you to adjust the amount and the direction of the light with slats.

Custom Shutter Options

  • Traditional Shutters – These shutters have a piece in the middle, so that you can adjust either side independently.
  • Modern Shutters – There is no centerpiece, meaning that each shutter is longer and allows more light to come in.
  • Plantation Shutters – There are four sections with thick dividers between them. Plantation shutters offer better privacy and versatility.
  • Transitional Shutters – Rather than a centerpiece going through vertically, it cuts through horizontally on these shutters. Also, each section is smaller to allow for better privacy, even when the shutters are fully opened.

Polycore Shutters

Typically, when looking at shutters for your home, the most popular material is wood. However, while wood shutters are the most popular within the industry, there are advantages to using synthetic materials like polypropylene aka Polycore.

We offer a wide array of poly-vinyl shutters to suit your needs. Not only are these products slightly more practical, but they provide similar design options to fit your style, although the color options are not as custom as they can be with the wood products.

Polycore Shutters vs. Wood Shutters

Advantages of Polycore Shutters

  • Appearance – The wood grain texture is available with the polycore shutters.  You will get the same aesthetic look as you would with the wood shutters.
  • Better Insulation – With polycore as it is not porous, it reflects heat into the room. So, if you are trying to maximize your heating efficiency, a set of polycore shutters will do the job better than wood.
  • Easier to Clean – Polycore is easier to clean than wood.  Also, since wood is somewhat porous, it can stain easier than synthetics.  A damp towel can be used to wipe down the polycore shutters.
  • Costs – Polycore can be slightly lower in costs than the wood product.

Disadvantages of Polycore Shutters

Here are some reasons why poly shutters might not be ideal for your home.

  • Sagging – Polycore is heavier than wood and can sag over time.
  • Less Eco-Friendly – Poly materials are synthetic, which means that they use chemicals and other pollutants. If you want to limit your impact on the environment, wood is a much better choice.

Absolutely top notch service from Texas Shutters & Blinds. They were fantastic to work with, and the finished installed plantation shutters are amazing. The fit and finish are absolutely perfect, and the installers were professional and cleaned up after themselves.

Rodney E.