Even in Texas, we can get some extremely cold temperatures in winter! If your house tends to be on the cold side and you’d like it warmer, we have products that can help.


Honeycomb Shades


Our first recommendation is a honeycomb shade. These are great for insulating your windows, and keeping the heat in and cold out. A honeycomb shade is two pleated shades stuck together. This creates air space between the two shades, which makes a very good insulator. You can get honeycomb shades in almost any color, patterned or not patterned. These also come with the option of a cordless lift system. Just raise your shade, let go, and it will stay wherever you put it. Honeycomb shades can also be motorized. We even have an option that will let you bring the top of the shade down! This is a great option that gives you privacy while still letting in light.



Our top recommendation is wood shutters. The thickness of the wood makes this window covering a great choice for insulation. Shutters also frame out around the edges of the windows, which means very little air gets through them. If you open your shutters when it’s 30 degrees outside, you can actually feel the cold come in!


Your Next Step

If you are feeling the draft of winter and want to insulate your house better, come by our showroom! We are right across from Brinkman Ranch on Preston, just north of Main Street. Or call us! We can schedule an in-home consultation, and I will bring products to your house.